Noir Quote of the Week #2

Noir Quote Peter Falk Sam Diamond

"Fall in love with the jacket and get off my back." -Peter Falk as Sam Diamond

Here is the noir quote of the week as promised! This quote comes from one of my very favorite movies called Murder by Death. It was written by Neil Simon, and was intended to be a satire on the classic dinner murder mystery (like the game Clue). Robert Moore directed the film in 1976, and the cast includes such names as Peter Sellers, Truman Capote, Peter Falk, Alec Guinness, and Eileen Brennen. The movie itself is not a film noir by any means, but there is a main character named Sam Diamond (Peter Falk) from San Fransisco who gives us a dose. He is a private eye, and is modeled after Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon. To frame up this noir quote, Sam is speaking with his secretary Tess Skeffington just outside the manor house at the beginning of the movie. They both feel a sense of awful foreboding,  as if something terrible will happen at dinner, and this is their conversation:

Tess: I don’t feel good about this. Maybe tonight your luck runs out.

Sam: Maybe so. There’s a number on the wall for all of us. If tonight’s the night they pick mine, so be it. After you, sweetheart.

Tess: First, kiss me, Sam.

Sam: I don’t kiss.

Tess: Just this once, Sam.

Sam: I don’t like kissing. Now leave me alone.

An excellent noir quote from an excellent film. Remember to email me if you have any noir quotes that you would like to see featured! (image of Peter Falk as Sam Diamond Pulled from IMDB)

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