Noir Comics Giveaway | Win a Free Copy of Criminal Volume 1 !

Noir Comics Criminal Coward Brubaker Giveaway

This noir comic "Coward" by Ed Brubaker can be yours!

“Coward” was the first noir comic that I ever read, and it was the catalyst for my love of the genre. I owe Mr. Brubaker more than he’ll ever know for that. I’ve met him a couple times, signing at Emerald City Comic Con 2010 and 2011, and he is a terrific guy (basically my hero). So, just as Ed Brubaker gave me the gift of noir, I wish to pass it on! Starting now and running until midnight this Sunday June 12, 2011 is NoirWhale’s first Noir Comics Giveaway! If you would like a chance to win this trade paperback (pictured above) here is what you must do:

1. Subscribe to by clicking on the “I’m ready for noir!” button in the right-hand sidebar. (just under the noirwhale tag cloud).

2. Post a comment on this post of your very own Noir Definition in 10 words or less!

Submissions will be accepted until midnight Sunday June 12, 2011, so don’t delay! Please note that you may only comment once, and the winner will be determined and their noir definition posted on Monday June 13. I will mail the free copy of “Coward” to the winner at my own expense! Keep sharing more noir, and check back on the first Monday of each month for my next noir giveaway!


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4 responses to “Noir Comics Giveaway | Win a Free Copy of Criminal Volume 1 !

  1. stephen

    crime fiction featuring tough hard-boiled cynical characters in bleak settings.

  2. Andrew666

    Men of honour; dystopian worlds
    Femmes fatales allure with smoke

  3. Blak Slaks

    Double Crossed Hero
    Betrayed By a Femme Fatale
    Mysterious End?

  4. Jessica C.

    I subscribed to you.

    Noir Definition:
    Beautiful dark shadows
    neon lights
    Smoking Anti-Hero detective
    seductive murderess

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