Noir Quote of the Week #9

Noir Quotes Sin City Hartigan


“An old man dies. A little girl lives. Fair trade.”


This noir quote comes from the first chapter of Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow Bastard. Hartigan is the only good cop in Sin City, a distinction not easily earned or free of consequences. He utters this line as he shields 11 year old Nancy Callahan from rape and death with his own life. Interestingly enough, it seems that Hartigan is the only “true” hero in the entire series; at least he is the only one who follows the archetype. All of his struggles are from outward forces (save his health and old age), and he never falters in his conviction to serve and protect Nancy. He is such a redemptive character because he understands self-sacrifice for the good of others, and in this way he fits the role of savior easily.

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  1. Really good noir quote, one of the best in modern cinema I said. I also make noir films, my website:

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