Noir Music | “Ain’t Nothing Like You” (Hoochie Coo) by Blakroc

Can’t go wrong with noir music from the Black Keys. Blakroc is basically a blues-rap project that shook the foundations of the projects. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney team up with Mos Def and Jim Jones for “Aint Nothing Like You,” enjoy:

Intro: Mos Def – Pure heart
I love you

Chorus: Mos Def – Pure heart
You’re super cool
You’re live and elemental
You’re sweet and you’re true
Youre sooo true
You’re plain and yet so special
Its nuttin’ like you
You’re so cool
You’re sweet and rude
You’re so plain that its special
Its nuttin’ like you
Well aww hoo
You make me stand up, and holla do the hoochie coo
You’re so cool

Verse 1: Jim Jones – They told me pain only shows you where you goin
You get to laugh then that shows you where you been
And when you get the cash that only shows you how to sin like when you gettin fast money and you blow it in the wind
Where we from success one in a million
We thought success was getting money in front the buildin
End of the summer we was countin up the killins, like they killed baby boy trynna run up in the buildin now
I bouged one of her rose petals
She was from the concrete and came up out the cold ghetto
But so gentle
But it appears like, on a clear light it could thunderstorm
Want some more

Refrain: Mos Def – Oo-ooo-oo-ooo
Pure heart
I love ya, pure heart
Pure heart
Ha, its nuttin’ like you
You’re soo
You’re live and elemental
You’re sweet and you’re rude, so cool
And fiery too
You’re plain and elemental
You’re sweet and youre rude
You’re soo true

Verse 2: Jim Jones – Most say I’m politically incorrect
But most people scared they spit it so indirect
I been accused of, same thing as you but, I refused ta, follow rules of who
The complexion of politics done changed and the computer glitch put so many problems up in the game that uh
I prolly still be selllin ‘caine if I, didnt get a chance at the stardom or the fame
Bein humble is a hard quality to achieve when your ego is crazy with no modesty
We make good music just usin the black keys, and Im flyin through the hood in my newest of black Vs

Outro: Mos Def – Wahoo-oo-ooo
You’re plain and elemental
Aint nuttin’ like you
You’re pure heart

The video is insane right? Thought so.

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