Noir Comics | Dylan Dog Memorie Dall’Invisibile

Noir Comics Dylan Dog Memorie Dall'Invisibile

Memorie Dall’Invisibile

Dylan Dog is an Italian comic which debuted in 1986. Created and written by Tiziano Sclavi and illustrated by several notable artists, this horror based comic wouldn’t typically be considered noir fiction. I picked up the Dylan Dog omnibus (in English people, I’m not a linguist) on the recommendation of a good friend (thanks Hank). He told me that he read them as a kid and found them to be fodder for a great time. As I cruised through story after story I had to concur– Dylan dog is a smoothly written surprisingly well-drawn comic.

Noir Comics Dylan Dog

A killer in the rain

Mysteries, babes, and villains abound, all just out of the unflappable Dylan’s reach. As a paranormal investigator, he pulls back the edge on the wallpaper of sanity and reveals all the grimy bits hiding beneath. It wasn’t until I found this gem “Memorie Dall’Invisibile” that I realized the truly effervescent story-telling present. A killer and a man forgotten, a city with too many sinners, and a league of prostitutes who refuse to be victims any longer converge in a spectacular visual noir thriller.

I’ve piled a bunch of marvelous scans from– they’re in Italian so most of you will be spared the spoilers. If you want it in English, pick up the ridiculously cheap Dylan Dog Case Files from here.

Memorie Dall'Invisibile

Memorie Dall’Invisibile

Noir Comics

A prostitute entertains an unexpected customer

Dylan Dog

he finishes the job

Noir Comics Dylan Dog

Dylan Dog is sought out for help

Dylan Dog

their relationship becomes more than professional

Noir Comics Dylan Dog

I love this art, splendid detail


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