Noir Art | Joe Webb

Noir Art Joe Webb Antares and Love VI

Antares & Love VI

British collage artist Joe Webb (1976-Present) has been making waves with his bizarre visual juxtapositions and eye for mixed media harmony. I first discovered his work on Tumblr (where he’s quite fashionable), and was struck by his stunning use of vintage photography. The inclusion of femme fatales and glamorous dames of yesteryear I found particularly charming, making him the first mixed media noir artist to be included on–

I tracked down Joe on Facebook, and asked him if he would be gracious enough to answer a few questions about his art, and his affable and easy manner was refreshing. Thus, for the first time ever, we have a artist interview: (Thanks Joe!)

1) Why so many vintage/noir images?

“I just love the look and style of that era. And as it was so long ago now, the ideas I explore in my work; of ghosts and missing people, mirror the fact that these people are mostly gone now. I like the fading fuzzy quality of vintage prints too.”

2) Is there underlying significance to the series of famous film noir femmes with leading men cut out?

“I like the idea of the leading man missing, becoming mysterious and revealing alternative realities in the layers underneath. It gives the work an enigmatic feel which draws you in.”

3) Which artists/directors/photographers are you biggest influences?

“Rene Magritte every time!”

Joe’s art is wonderfully eclectic, and boasts a variety and complexity not captured here. For our purposes, I’m focusing specifically on his most ‘noir’ themed efforts, and will refer you to his various online galleries for a full perusal of his work. (Also, you can purchase dazzling prints here.) Pertaining to his artistic process, he obtains his unique medium in second-hand book and thrift stores. He’s said of this routine,  “I like to accidentally stumble across things that can then become a piece of art. There’s an element of serendipity to it.”

Noir Art Joe Webb Mono


Artist Joe Webb Mono II

Mono II

Art by Joe Webb Kissing Magritte

Kissing Magritte

Joe Webb Art Reunion II

Reunion II

Collage Art Joe Webb Daydream IV

Daydream IV

Joe Webb Collage Absent Minded

Absent Minded

Collage Joe Webb Absent Minded II

Absent Minded II

Noir Art Joe Webb Absent Minded IV

Absent Minded IV

Art Noir Joe Webb Absent Minded V

Absent Minded V

Joe Webb Antares and Love I

Antares & Love I

Artist Joe Webb Antares and Love II

Antares & Love II

Joe Webb Collage Artist Antares and Love III

Antares & Love III

Noir Joe Webb Antares and Love VII

Antares & Love VII

Noir Art Joe Webb Antares and Love VIII

Antares & Love VIII

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2 responses to “Noir Art | Joe Webb

  1. What interesting work! I quite like it.

  2. Amazing artwork! Never seen anything quite like it. Love your blog.

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