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like what you read? have a suggestion? a favorite noir piece?

I want to hear it!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns/complaints that you may have. (I’m also very open to becoming a noir-themed pen-pal…) Additionally, if you find my Noir Definition lacking, please help me add to it!

If you swear at me, I may not like it (but constructive criticism is appreciated).

10 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Stephen Randall

    Is it possible to get a still from the movie Desperate? My name is Stephen Randall and I would like a photograph of the truck door that appears in the movie. If you have the ability to pause and save a shot of the door, would you please email it to me at Thank you.

  2. Keet Exton

    For the music category check out Crime Don’t Pay by Mike Ness

  3. love it – just coming out of a four/five year period of reading everything and anything by elmore leonard. well, his output’s slowing down a bit and basically i don’t know of anybody out there that even comes close so i’ve had no choice other than to begin writing my own stories. can you recommend a good place to submit some excerpts to, maybe see if i can garner some interest?

  4. Paul

    check out the books Penny Dreadful, Kiss me Judas and Hells Half Acre noir trilogy in the vain of Max Payne as if written by Hunter S Thompson, they are outstanding, hope you enjoy

  5. Paul

    Sorry forgot to add who wrote them … Will Christopher Baer

  6. Great blog. Really enjoyed this!

  7. Nice, enjoy all your pages we seem to love the same subjects, added your site to link my blog Noirsville. Here is the link you may like it also.

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