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Video Game Noir | Batman: Arkham City Catwoman Announcement

I could not resist posting this video game noir announcement. Batman: Arkham City will feature a PLAYABLE femme fatale Catwoman. How modern noir of them:

Making Catwoman a playable character was yet another great decision from Rocksteady. Do these guys ever mess up? I’m very pleased with the art direction of this game, because it’s absolutely noir in every way shape and form (don’t believe me? check the noir definition). The boys at Rocksteady seem to have nailed Catwoman’s sexy, sultry, and edgy nature in a way that would make any femme fatale blush. Although I admit its pretty easy to be sexy when you put a body like hers in a cat suit.

“With Catwoman we get a brilliant character who will allow gamers to indulge in a darker side. With Catwoman, you can take a walk on the wild side and take a break from being the defender of Gotham.” -Dan Gix, Rocksteady Games

From my own comic book knowledge, Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman has always been a foil to Batman’s character. She represents one of the only women that Bruce Wayne ever truly loved, yet he rarely brings her into his confidence because of her criminal nature. He struggles to accept her fully because she breaks the law and his allowing her to continue doing so makes him a hypocrite. The give and take between their two characters is further complicated by the fact that Catwoman is very attracted to Batman but her feelings are not the same for Bruce Wayne. Now, in Batman: Hush Batman reveals his true identity to Catwoman, so I am interested to see if the storyline in Batman Arkham City takes place before or after that event.

The fact that they have made her into a playable character in this video game noir raises several questions for me: Where is Batman going to be while this is happening? Is she going to be a heroine, or a villainess? I love that they are giving her a meatier role than just femme fatale eye candy! Anyone else feel like this bodes well for the storyline of Batman: Arkham City? I do.


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