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Noir Quote of the Week #14

Noir Quotes Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany's (RARE edition)(via luxecityguides.com)

The instant she saw the letter she squinted her eyes and bent her lips in a tough tiny smile that advanced her age immeasurably. “Darling” she instructed me, “would you reach in the drawer there and give me my purse. A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.”

– Holly Golightly

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

This Capote novel is full of gems, but few compare to the splendor of this noir quote.  He has possibly the most elegant prose I’ve ever read.

Noir Quotes Truman Capote

Truman Capote (via incoldbloodmjn.blogspot.com)



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Noir Quote of the Week #13

Noir Music Morrissey

(via torrentsland.com)

“I never wanted to kill, I am not naturally evil. Such things I do, just to make myself more attractive to you. Have I failed?”


(The Last of the Famous International Playboys)

Leave it to Morrissey to deliver such a fabulously unsettling noir quote. If you’ve never paid attention to his lyrics before, please do yourself a favor and start.

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Noir Quote of the Week #12

Noir Quotes Lawrence Block

Lawrence Block (via tirbd.com)

“Burglary, I thought, and the more I thought the more I liked it.It seemed somehow akin to writing— you set your own hours, you avoided human contact, and, if you were successful, you managed to touch the lives of people you never even met.”

-Lawrence Block, Introduction to The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (1999)

(thanks noirboiled.blogspot.com for the noir quote!)

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Noir Quote of the Week #11

I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted anything, my world has been upended for the last two weeks. The morning of Tuesday January 10th my wife went into labor with our first child, and I haven’t had time to blog since then. For pics of the little devil check my About Me page and here is a link to his birth story.

Now back to the business of noir:

Noir Quotes D.O.A.

via wheredangerlives.blogspot.com

Desk Sgt.: “Can I help you?”

Bigelow: “I want to report a murder.”

Desk Sgt.: “Where was this murder committed?”

Bigelow: “San Francisco, last night.”

Desk Sgt.: “Who was murdered?”

Bigelow: “I was.”

This noir quote comes from the 1950 film noir D.O.A. directed by Rudolph Maté and starring Edmund O’Brien, Pamela Britton, and Luther Adler. Oozes noir.

*Special thanks to “Movie Memories”

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Noir Quote of the Week #10

Noir QuotesStrangers on a Train

via yourtrailers.net

Strangers on a Train

Leo:”She was a tramp.”
Patricia:”She was a human being. And let me remind you that even the most unworthy of us has a right to life and the pursuit of happiness.”
Leo:”From what I hear, she pursued it in all directions.

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Noir Quote of the Week #9

Noir Quotes Sin City Hartigan

via utalkintome.tumblr.com

“An old man dies. A little girl lives. Fair trade.”


This noir quote comes from the first chapter of Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow Bastard. Hartigan is the only good cop in Sin City, a distinction not easily earned or free of consequences. He utters this line as he shields 11 year old Nancy Callahan from rape and death with his own life. Interestingly enough, it seems that Hartigan is the only “true” hero in the entire series; at least he is the only one who follows the archetype. All of his struggles are from outward forces (save his health and old age), and he never falters in his conviction to serve and protect Nancy. He is such a redemptive character because he understands self-sacrifice for the good of others, and in this way he fits the role of savior easily.

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Noir Quote of the Week #8

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

via noirwhale.tumblr.com

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.” — Marilyn Monroe

I really love this noir quote because I think it captures perfectly the bleak and seedy underworld that serves as the backdrop for the noir genre. Layered in Ms. Marilyn Monroe’s words are the individuals that give the underworld its grit. Hollywood isn’t dealing in souls, but the crooked and powerful individuals that rule its production companies, booking and talent agencies, and nightlife are daily accepting customers; If you have a kiss to sell, then your credit is good here. A potent noir quote from a potent femme fatale.

noir quote via latinamericana.tumblr.com

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Noir Quote of the Week #7

Film Noir The Big Combo Poster

(via impawards.com)

 “I treated her like a pair of gloves. When I was cold, I called her up.”

Noir Quote from The Big Combo (1955), spoken by Cornel Wilde. This quote is a classic example of the misogyny that pervades the noir genre. A woman is an object that only has utility when needed. Also, there are heavy sexual connotations here that lend to the idea that a woman is only worth her ability to physically gratifying the male that desires her.  Two short sentences, volumes of meaning. (Special thanks to fuzionbits.com)

Film Noir The Big ComboTrailer

(via wikipedia.com)

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Noir Quote of the Week # 6

Noir Quotes The Adventures of Philip Marlowe Radio Spirits Raymond Chandler

“Get this, and get it straight: crime is a sucker’s road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave. There’s no other end—but they never learn.”
— Opening words from radio’s The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Noir Quotes Raymond Chandler






Raymond Chandler

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Noir Quote of the Week #5

Noir Quotes Fatale Jean Patrick Manchette

“As surprises go, this beats all. And such a pleasant one too,” he exclaimed, and she unslung her 16-gauge shotgun, turned it on him, and before he had finished smiling emptied both barrels into his gut.

Moments later he was lying on his back against the upward slope and its rotting leaves. His torso was full of holes and his khaki jacket had ridden up beneath his chin from the impact and his check shirt was half out of his pants. Roucart’s bare head was bent forward and twisted to one side, his cheek was in the mud, his eyes and mouth were open, and his cap lay upturned on the ground. With saliva glistening in his mouth, the man narrowed one eye slightly and died. From far way there cam the sound of three gunshots. The young woman walked away.

-Jean-Patrick Manchette, Fatale

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